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Watt'n Hideaway at Lundenbergsand in Husum| Salt air. Wadden Sea. Endless horizons. Barefoot in the sand. The feeling of simply being allowed to be. For moments of happiness that last.

Welcome to Lundenbergsand Hideaway & Spa – your wellness hotel near Husum by the North Sea, where we take you on a journey to the essentials. In the middle of nowhere, small and fine with only 25 rooms, for adults only. With lots of hygge, our fabulous lighthouse spa with sea views, genuine Nordic restaurant and lots of joie-de-vivre. From the heart. For beach-runners and favourite people. For all those who want to forget the world for a moment.

Time to switch-off, to kick-start. To do nothing and feel all the more. For freedom in the mind, and to finally see the stars again.

Your Wellness Hotel in Husum

Less of a lot. More sea. A place of power that enchants.

Watt'n Spa & Wellness| Sea-view sauna. Lighthouse spa. Yoga with North Sea breeze. Relax on a beanbag. With that mermaid and sea-bear feeling!

For us, time is the luxury. Time to relax, time to dive into the sea, time to relax on a beanbag and just do nothing. If you are going to do something, then only do something that is good for you. In our spa area, you will find a place to recharge your batteries. Whether in the sauna with a 270° sea-view, or wrapped up in a bathrobe, in our favourite spot high up in the lighthouse spa or during a mud bath ritual that gets right under your skin. 

Wellness with an indoor pool and a year-round heated outdoor pool, saunas and a steam bath, massages and spa baths, relaxation room and fitness area, yoga including the stunning panoramic view. Relaxing, revitalising and reconnecting. Amazing!

Rooms, Suites & Holiday Apartments| A treasure in the middle of nowhere. Right behind the dyke. Thatched roof, sheepskins and wood from flotsam and jetsam. All-round hygge and – pssssst – lots of peace and quiet too!

The rougher the sea, the more powerful the tides and the wider the view over the seemingly never-ending Wadden Sea in front of our door – the more hygge we make ourselves at home inside. Hideaway means your hiding place, refuge, sanctuary and we take this literally in the rooms and suites of our North Sea wellness hotel! 

Cosy feel-good rooms to dream in, suites for explorers and a villa that offers a home by the sea for up to six people. Bright, friendly, cosy and always individually furnished. Above all, it offers a whole lot of peace and quiet – and, of course, a little bit of oho! Hygge, after all.

Discover all the rooms and spaces!

Good to know| Do you have any questions about your North Sea getaway?

Check-in, say hello. Check-out, whisper goodbye. Spa treatments. Restaurant times. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email with any questions you have about your stay.

Wellness Holiday by the North Sea| The dyke, the Wadden Sea. A few sheep, and the water twice a day. Nothing else. Time to enjoy being bored!

Sometimes, you simply need time to reflect on the essentials; on yourself, on the people you love, on what makes you happy. Our 4-star hotel by the North Sea is far away from so much, and yet is so rich in everything you need! A place of well-being with space to put your feet up and time! Time to relax, time to dream. Time for a special holiday in one of the most beautiful hotels by the North Sea – with soothing spa treatments, a heated outdoor pool all year round and a panoramic view of the mudflats. After all, let us be honest, what is more grounding than the sea?

We think there are so many good reasons to take a wellness holiday by the North Sea: the fantastic sea air, the honest Nordic attitude to life. What's more, our Lundenbergsand is a top hotel in terms of wellness. With a spa area for stormy days, an outdoor pool with a South Sea feeling, a cosy steam sauna and a soothing sea-view sauna. A cosy spa hotel for a wellness weekend by the North Sea.

Our Lundenbergsand Hideaway & Spa is not just perfect for a wellness weekend by the North Sea in winter and in summer! If you are looking for a holiday apartment by the North Sea, you have come to the right place! 

So, why book a hotel by the North Sea? Well, because it is quite simply magically beautiful! Dive in and fly high. Frisian, genuine and wonderful. A place of longing for all those who enjoy the wide open spaces and love life.