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About Us| Rough North Sea. First low tide. Then high tide. Repeat. Breathe in deeply, lose yourself in the vastness. Feel freedom, feel yourself. That is happiness.

When you drive out to us, there's nothing there at first. Nothing but the landscape, the dyke and the sea behind it – and that is exactly what you need. The Lundenbergsand Hideaway & Spa is our understanding of freedom. A place where time can simply be forgotten. 

For more than 25 years, we have been welcoming everyone in Husum who has a desire for a relaxing wellness break and a longing for the sea. We believe in the power of tranquillity and the magic of the moment, and we believe in the fact that you simply have to let things be. Do nothing without having a guilty conscience. Lounge. Dream. Immerse yourself in the day. No must, more can. 

As true north Germans, we are more likely to say too little than too much; we are not the greatest talkers. However, when we do have something to say, it is all the more truthful. Furthermore, it comes from the bottom of our hearts.

Whilst on the subject, we are the Peters family and a wonderful team of enthusiastic North Sea fans! Our common aim is to make this place behind the dyke, which is so magical for us, your home. Whether for a short weekend by the sea, or a relaxing summer holiday with that wellness feel-good factor. Welcome to the Lundenbergsand Hotel & Spa!